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Full service grooming for dogs or

Bath, Ear, and Nail packages for short-hair dogs.


With any of these services, we de-shed your dog which is a process that removes the dead undercoat hair.  Having your dog de-shed will reduce the amount of hair that Rover leaves in your house!  For dogs with excess undercoat, there may be a small additional fee.  We believe in making the grooming session a relaxing, enjoyable time for your dog. 


Shampoo choices:

· Fresh Scent –  long lasting scent

· Oatmeal – helps with dry skin and itching

· Whitening – whitens fur

· Sungold – light fragrance, tearless

· CitriLux – citrus scent, oils to soothe skin

· Deshedding - reduces excess shedding

· Conditioning – great for long hair breeds

All baths include conditioner.  We do not give flea baths.  All pets are required to be on flea treatment.

And remember……We Love Dogs!

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